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Hi, I’m Jennifer and I’m a food loving dietitian, mother of two boys and a writer.

I would like to help you with… planning flexible meals without stress and the added expense of following recipes and meal plans to the letter. I’ll give you tips and guidance that will reduce food waste and get your grocery budget under control.  

I was $60,000 in debt when I moved into my first apartment. The personal finance books I looked to for help taught me that the food budget was the most flexible expense. So I got serious about getting the amount I spent on groceries as low as possible.

When I committed to a food budget, home-cooked meals and planning meals around what was on sale, I could pay off my debt, cash flow graduate school and a home renovation and quit my full-time job to work part-time from home.

I’d love to share the meal planning strategies that help my family eat healthy on a budget.

About Me

  1. Having the early morning hours to myself is my favorite part of the day
  2. Some mornings I can’t find the perfect cup of coffee so I make another one until it’s just right
  3. I’m a recovering perfectionist 
  4. I learned to cook from watching Food Network shows like 30 Minute Meals, Everyday Italian and the Barefoot Contessa
  5. Writing is what I wanted to do for as long as I can remember
  6. I’m a work in progress and everyday I try to do better than yesterday 
  7. After working in publishing for 11 years, I became a Registered Dietitian and health and nutrition writer.
  8. My family means the world to me, but I sometimes get too caught up with work and forget what’s important
  9. I changed careers a few times (I’m finding myself through the process of elimination)
  10. I’d rather make mistakes and learn than not take action because I’m afraid to make a mistake

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